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Our Objective and Action Policies

Our Objectives and Action Polocies

Our Mission

The mission of ICHARM is to be the world Centre of Excellence to provide and assist implementation of best practicable strategies to localities, nations, regions and the globe to manage the risk of water related disasters including flood, drought, landslide, debris flow, storm surge, tsunami and water contamination.

Our Guiding Principles

For the mission, the guiding principles are as follows:

  • To be needs driven rather than supply driven, responsive to respective local realities.
  • To prescribe tailored strategies to realize integrated risk management (avoidance, reduction, transference and acceptance) under the multifaceted social, economical, institutional and cultural conditions as well as technological availability.
  • To produce policy effective information and raise public awareness to promote societal action.
  • To promote research development and capacity building jointly, to bring science where most needed.
  • To work in alliance with all the related organizations of the world to mutually complement resources and expertise and to create synergy in implementation.
  • To serve as a global think-tank in water hazard and risk management and play a central role in its strategic promotion.

About ICHARM Logo

The logo shows a calm water surface consisting of three individual crescents. The upper crescent is from the PWRI logo; the lower one stands for the letter "U" from UNESCO; the third one refers to ICHARM. The three crescents together are expected to hold the image of gently embracing and supporting people and water all over the world by cooperating with one another.

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