Recent activities (from ICHARM Newsletter)

ICHARM emphasizes localism, i.e., project implementations tailored to local needs and conditions, by creating an efficient worldwide information network based on innovative research and effective capacity building based on the “ICHARM Work Plan” which is renewed every two years.
The followings are major activities by ICHARM from the latest ICHARM Newsletter.
Other activities are introduced in the latest ICHARM Newsletter.

"Special Topics"

An R&D memorandum of understanding signed with Aga Town

ICHARM concluded a memorandum of understanding with Aga Town, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, on a collaborative project aimed at the research and technological development to enhance information sharing regarding water-related disasters in mountainous areas. The signing ceremony was held on 14th June, 2018, at Aga-town office, and Aga Town Mayor Toshiro Kanda and Deputy Director Hisaya Sawano on behalf of Director Toshio Koike singed the memorandum.

Mayor Toshiro Kanda and Deputy Director Hisaya Sawano holding the singed MoU
* Photo provided by Aga Town

"International Flood Initiative (IFI)"

IFI Platform Stakeholders’ Meeting in Davao, Philippine

A stakeholders’ meeting on the data integration as an activity of IFI Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters was held on May18, 2018, in Davao City, the Philippines. Researcher Mamoru Miyamoto and Research Specialist Katsunori Tamakawa participated in the meeting from ICHARM.

Participants in the stake holder’s meeting

Side event "Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters" during the UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council Meeting

During the UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council Meeting, ICHARM co-organized a side event, “Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters,” with the UNESCO-IHP Secretariat on June 11, 2018, at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Panel discussion


Summary of the ADB Project "Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts in Hue, Ha Giang and Vinh Yen cities in Vietnam"

In June 2018, ICHARM successfully submitted the final report of the ADB Study Project “Climate Change and Flood Hazard Simulations Tools for ADB Spatial Application Facility”. The main objective of the project is to evaluate future flood inundation hazards accelerated by the climate change in three cities of Viet Nam: Hue, Ha Giang and Vinh Yen. Director Toshio Koike led ICHARM’s expert team, consisting of Research Specialists Tomoki Ushiyama, Akira Hasegawa, Katsunori Tamakawa, Yusuke Yamazaki and Maksym Gusyev, to implement a comprehensive assessment methodology.

Prof. Koike is giving an invited presentation about climate change assessment results of ICHARM


ICHARM Open Day 2018 held with local school students

The ICHARM Open Day 2018 was held on April 16. Students studying in ICHARM’s graduate programs and office assistants cooperated to prepare for this event. This year, 92 local students were invited, as well as five teachers. The event contained a brief lecture, poster presentations, and Q&A sessions, which were all conducted in English.

Doctoral and Master course students explain their home countries' water-related disaster, climate, culture, etc

"Information Networking"

Participation at the Asia Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018

As the second regional ministerial conference since the adoption of the Sendai Framework, AMCDRR 2018 was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on July 3-6, 2018. From ICHARM, Director Toshio Koike and Chief Researcher Tetsuya Ikeda participated in technical sessions on strategic and policy-related challenges structured around the four priorities of the Sendai Framework, and in thematic events on DRR in action, which offered opportunities for various organizations.

Director Koike (center) and the other panelists participated in the Thematic Event “Technology & Innovations”

『Training & Education』

Field trips by M. Sc. Students

ICHARM offers a master’s degree program, “Water-related Disaster Management Course of Disaster Management Policy Program,” in collaboration with JICA and the GRIPS. Currently, 14 students are enrolled in this 11-year old program and study various issues relating to the management of water-related disasters. They recently visited the Shinano River basin in April and the Yodo River basin in May.

Amagase dam in Kyoto


Questionnaire results on ICHARM Newsletter Vol.48

ICHARM conducted a questionnaire survey on ICHARM Newsletter Vol.48 and received 133 responses from all over the world. We would like to thank those respondents very much for taking time to answer the questions despite their busy schedules. ICHARM will continue to improve our newsletter based on the questionnaire results.