Recent activities (from ICHARM Newsletter)

ICHARM emphasizes localism, i.e., project implementations tailored to local needs and conditions, by creating an efficient worldwide information network based on innovative research and effective capacity building based on the “ICHARM Work Plan” which is renewed every two years.
The followings are major activities by ICHARM from the latest ICHARM Newsletter.
Other activities are introduced in the latest ICHARM Newsletter.

"Special Topics"

ICHARM R&D seminars held

ICHARM R&D Seminars are held as an opportunity for researchers to keep up with the latest knowledge and information by inviting domestic and international experts in the field of hydrology and water-related disasters. ICHARM held the 59th, 60th and 61st seminars in February and April 2018.

Group photo with Dr. Wouter, lecturer of 61st seminar


RRI-model simulation of a flash flood in the Kagetsu River due to the northern Kyushu heavy rain in July 2017

Yousuke Nakamura, Exchange researcher
In this study, we conducted simulation of the July 2017 flash flood in the Kagetsu River basin (136.1 km2) by utilizing the RRI model and rainfall forecasted for the next 6 hours, and showed the effectiveness of flood prediction in disaster management by evaluating the lead time for evacuation.

"Field Survey"

Second Field Survey in the Sittaung River of Myanmar to Investigate Riverbank and Coastal Erosion

ICHARM has been conducting a preliminary study on sediment transport issues such as bank erosion, sand bar behaviors, etc. in the estuary of the Sittaung River of Myanmar. In this context, ICHARM conducted the second field survey to investigate riverbank and coastal erosion on February 16-18, 2018, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR) of Myanmar.

Collection of bank material (left) and measurement of flow depth and velocity by ADCP (right)

"Information Networking"

Participation in the 8th World Water Forum

The World Water Forum (WWF) is convened every three years by the World Water Council (WWC), an international NGO. It is one of the largest international events in which experts in water related fields gather from all over the world and discuss and exhibit global water issues to find solutions. From ICHARM, Director Toshio Koike and Chief Researcher Tetsuya Ikeda participated, giving presentations at special sessions and exchanging views and opinions with other participants. The following reports some of their activities at the forum.

Director Toshio Koike delivers a presentation
* Photo by courtesy of the Japan Water Forum

"International Flood Initiative (IFI)"

2nd Plenary Session for the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters held in Sri Lanka

As the secretariat of the International Flood Initiative (IFI), ICHARM is assisting countries suffering from serious flood disasters in establishing a platform on water resilience and disasters in collaboration with flood management relevant organizations in each country. On March 28, 2018, the stakeholders including ICHARM met at the "Plenary Session for the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters."

Group photo with the session participants

"Training & Education"

Educational Program Updates

The ICHARM master’s course is a one-year program from October to September. Students mainly attend lectures in the first six months and work on their individual studies in the second six months. In the last February and March, the students visited Shikoku Island to learn flood countermeasures in Japan.

The central area of Kochi city from Mt. Godai observation platform