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Message from Director


  Investment and Better Cooperation between   Science Entities and the Private Sector

The goal of the Sendai Framework is to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risk, increase preparedness for response and recovery, and thus strengthen resilience. To promote science contribution to the goal, we need to maximize the use of existing knowledge and create new types of science and technology that will serve broad and collective societal needs. Building this new approach requires interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and cooperation among all disciplines of natural sciences; engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, social and political sciences, and the humanities. Transdisciplinary collaboration and excellent communication between scientists, practitioners, and policy-makers are also essential.

The role of science and technology in implementing the Sendai Framework should not be limited to understanding risks but should be expanded to provide sound knowledge and evidence to support actions. Public and private investment in disaster risk prevention and reduction was highlighted under Priority 3 “investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience” to save lives and livelihood, reduce losses, and ensure effective rehabilitation and recovery. We must encourage wise and informed investment decision making based on scientific evidence and better use of technology. We also need to promote better cooperation between science entities and the private sector to develop new products and services to help reduce disaster risks.

Increasing disaster resilience and developing sustainability involve many stakeholders. Further knowledge of science and technology should be made publicly available and put into practice by strengthening the ties between the science and technology community and private corporations in order to develop and use facilities, products and financial mechanisms related to disaster risk reduction. Stronger cooperation between the science and technology community and the private sector should be pursued in the following areas: disseminating better understanding of risks by articulating specific risk factors; promoting public-private partnership for investment in DRR; and monitoring progress in risk-sensitive investment.

12 February 2017
Toshio KOIKE
Director of ICHARM