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Third Annual Workshop on Disaster Reduction Hyperbase - Asian Application (DRH-Asia)

Venue: Tokyo, Japan
Date: 8-9 January 2009
Participant(s) from ICHARM: Resarch Specialist, Dinar Istiyanto

The Third Annual Workshop on Disaster Reduction Hyperbase - Asian Application (DRH-Asia) was held on 8-9 January 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. This workshop was organized by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) of Japan and the final of the series of annual workshops for the three-year DRH-Asia Project (2006-2009). ICHARM Research Specialist Dinar Istiyanto made a presentation on an implementation technology which he registered in the DRH database under the research title of "Application of Mangrove Forest for Countermeasure Against Tsunami Disaster."

The major purpose of the DRH-Asia Project is to develop an information platform, i.e. the Disaster Reduction Hyperbase - Asian Application (DRH-Asia), to accommodate appropriate disaster reduction technologies and knowledge in order to aid disaster reduction policy enhancements in Asian countries.

At the present stage, 17 implementation technologies, which are developed based on the Asian regional context and practice, are registered in the DRH database for free access at http://drh.edm.bosai.go.jp/. Other 27 content proposals are under facilitation now, and more proposals are invited to increase the DRH database contents.

ICHARM is linked with the DRH website as a relevant initiative in the disaster reduction platform. In the near future, other ICHARM's implementation-oriented technologies, such as IFAS, will be potentially proposed as excellent contents of the DRH database, which enables their frequent accessibility and wide dissemination to local potential users.

Related website: http://drh.edm.bosai.go.jp/

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