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International Conference on Hydroinformatics

Venue: Concepcion, Chile
Date: 12-16 January 2009
Participant(s) from ICHARM: Senior Resarcher, Tomonobu Sugiura

Conference venue : the University of Concepcion

The 8th International Conference on Hydroinformatics was held on 12-16 January in Concepcion, Chile. Senior Researcher Tomonobu Sugiura of ICHARM participated in the conference and delivered a presentation on the Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS), recently developed by ICHARM. The conference is organized by the International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research (IAHR), the International Water Association (IWA), and the International Association for Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). It has been held biennially in different places since 1994. This year, experts from around the world made a total of 150 presentations concerning run-off analysis.

Sugiura's presentation was a continuation of the previous one made at the last conference by Team Leader Kazuhiko Fukami of ICHARM Hydrologic Engineering Research Team, who introduced the concept of IFAS. Sugiura this time explained the main features, previously-conducted operation trainings, and experimental studies regarding IFAS in his presentation entitled "DEVELOPMENT OF INTEGRATED FLOOD ANALYSIS SYSTEM (IFAS) AND ITS APPLICATIONS" in the planning and warning session of the conference. After the presentation, many participants voiced their interests and questions about the system. Some highly praised ICHARM's idea of using satellite-based rainfall data to cope with difficulty in flood analysis in poorly gauged basins as well as its continued efforts to reduce flood damage in developing countries. Some asked questions about the accuracy and resolution of satellite-based rainfall data, the creation method of river channel networks, and future improvement planned to be made on IFAS.

ICHARM will continue working on research and improvement on IFAS by applying the system to actual basins to report further study results in the next conference.

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