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Team meeting of the 1st Asian Water Development Outlook 2010

Venue: Singapore
Date: 15-16 January 2009
Participant(s) from ICHARM: Resarch Specialist, Yoganath Adikari

Team AWDO2010 in working session in Singapore

A two-day team meeting of the first Asian Water Development Outlook 2010 (AWDO2010) was held on 15-16 January 2009 in Singapore. Research Specialist Yoganath Adikari has been assigned as the ICHARM representative to the AWDO2010 team and participated in this meeting along with other members from different organizations. The meeting participants discussed the concept, timeline and responsibilities of each team member to successfully come up with the AWDO2010.

The AWDO2010 is a policy document to provide essential water-related information for Asian leaders to achieve water security in the region. The team is looking to publish the document in 2010, when the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit will be held in Singapore.

The meeting, presided by chairman Ravi Narayanan, vice-chair of the APWF Governing Council, and vice-chairman Wouter Lincklean Arriens of ADB, was attended by representatives from the following organizations: APWF Governing Council, ADB, UNESCAP, IWMI Hub, PUB Singapore, IWC Hub, ICIMOD Hub, IWP Hub, IWRM Central Asia Hub, FAO and ICHARM Hub. A series of working meetings will be held until the end of the year 2009, when the AWDO2010 team is expected to finalize the draft of the Outlook.

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