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Kakushin Research Activity Report Conference

Venue: Tokyo
Date: 16 January 2009
Participant(s) from ICHARM: Resarcher, Hironori Inomata

The FY2009 research activity report conference of the "Innovative Program of Climate Change Projection for the 21st Century (Kakushin Program)" was held on 16 January 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. The Kakushin Program consists of five main research projects: "Long-Term Global Change Projection" (led by Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), "Near-Term Climate Prediction" (led by Prof. Masahide Kimoto of Tokyo University), "Extreme Event Projection" (led by Dr. Akio Kitoh of the Meteorological Research Institute), "Cloud Modeling" (led by Prof. Kazuhisa Tsuboki of Nagoya University), and "Subgrid-Scale Parametarization" (led by Prof. Noriyuki Hibiya of Tokyo University). In the conference, researchers in each project presented their research activities and results in FY2009. ICHARM is involved in the "Extreme Event Projection" research. Director Takeuchi reported the progress ICHARM made in this fiscal year, which were the comparison results of AGCM precipitation data (20km*20km grid resolution) and ground observation data, application of a statistic bias correction method of AGCM precipitation data, generation of a global-scale free-stream network, development of a global hydrological simulation system, and local study at the West Rapti River Basin in Nepal. He received a lot of constructive feedback from the audience, who asked many questions, made many comments, and had fruitful discussions.
For more information on the Kakushin Program, visit the website at http://www.kakushin21.jp/eng/index.html.

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