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ICHARM-ADB RETA project-related meeting kicks off in Dhaka

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date: 11-15 March 2009
Participant(s) from ICHARM: Resarch Specialist, Rabindra Osti

ICHARM is in the process of implementing the ADB-ICHARM Regional Technical Assistant (RETA) Initiative in several Asian countries. Dialogues on possible interventions in selected countries are under way.

In this context, Senior Researcher Rabindra Osti of the ICAHRM Disaster Prevention Team visited Dhaka, Bangladesh, in March 2009 to interact with local counterparts. In particular, he had a meeting with ADB-Bangladesh on 12 March 2009 to review current national needs and ADB’s interest in water-related disaster management. The meeting highlighted several important aspects, including improvement in early warning, capacity building and regional cooperation. The meeting also covered ICHARM training programmes, the Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) and their possible integration in the planned RETA projects in Bangladesh. As one of the regional water knowledge hubs, ICHARM is in the capacity to facilitate such programmes in selected Asian countries.

Since there are many national and international agencies currently involved in disaster management in Bangladesh, it would be the best strategy to consult with those key agencies to formulate RETA activities there. Such activities should avoid duplication or overlapping of any ongoing activities. Rather, they should complement ongoing projects or programmes being undertaken by those agencies. Consultation meeting and knowledge-sharing workshops among key parties were therefore proposed, although their possibilities are yet to be further discussed. If such workshops are held, expert networks can be established among parties involved to help the RETA project implementation.

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