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Research Topics

ICHARM has conducted research and development of technologies that effectively assist local engineers and practitioners in mitigating water disasters. At its core are risk assessment and models to forecast and simulate water disaster hazards such as floods and droughts. Development of flood forecasting models is particularly important for the Asian monsoon region in predicting flood disasters and determining the cropping time for rice cultivation. Flood and drought simulation models can be an instrumental tool that provides basic information needed to assess climate change impact on river flow and flood inundation, evaluate risks such as vulnerability, comprehensive flood control and management plan, and estimate the effect of project investment.

Main Research Topics

I. Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS)
II. Rainfall-Runoff-Inundation (RRI) model
III. Risk management research
IV. SOUSEI Program
   The Philippines
V. Community level Flood Contingency Planning

Past Research Reports

Research titles which ICHARM is conducting or have been conducted already are here