ICHARM -- The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management ICHARM


Kazuhiko FUKAMI
深見 和彦
Chief Researcher, Water-related Hazard Research Group
水災害研究グループ 上席研究員
Home town (country); 出身:
Born at Nikko City of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan,
Raised in Kyushu (Kagoshima, Saga and Nagasaki); 日光生まれ九州育ち
Message; メッセージ:
Hydrological Engineering Research Team of ICHARM is in charge of research and development on hydrological observation, analysis and prediction, which are the common bases for water-related disaster mitigation and management, integrated water resources management, etc. in the world. Through these technologies, we like to contribute to sustainable development of human societies harmonized with water resources and environment.
Main Research Topic(s); 主な研究内容:
Hydrological observations (river discharge measurement, rainfall measurement including satellite-based and radar-based technologies), flood forecasting and warning, basin-wide hydrological (water and material) modeling, and climate change studies (impact assessment & adaptation strategy)


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