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2007-2008 Activity

Graduation ceremony at GRIPS (17th September 2008)

DurationCourse Schedule
Student List and Master's Thesis
Activity Report  


4th October 2007 \ 18th September 2008

Course Schedule

30th SeptemberArriving at Japan
4th OctoberOpening Ceremony and Opening Party in ICHARM
11th OctoberPresentation on Country Report-Lectures & Practices-
During November joint with Flood Hazard Mapping Training Course
13th-16th NovemberField Trip & Town Watching in Ise City
21st NovemberField Tour in Ninomiya Sontoku Museum
6th & 7th DecemberPresentation on Theme of Master's Thesis
-Lectures & Practices-
22nd JanuarySpecial Lecture by Prof. Takahashi
28th January
-8th February
Lectures at GRIPS
-Lectures & Practices-
14th FebruaryPresentation on Master's Thesis
-Lectures & Practices-
12th-15th MarchField Trip in Chugoku Region & Kinki Region
-Writing Master's Thesis-
4th AprilCherry Blossom Viewing and Tea Ceremony in PWRI
22nd-23rd AprilField Trip in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
28th-29th MayField Trip in Kanto Region (Dam & Sabo works)
22nd AugustFinal Presentation of Master's Thesis
28th AugustSubmission of Master's Thesis
8th-11th SeptemberField Trip in Hokuriku Region & Tohoku Region
17th SeptemberGraduation Ceremony at GRIPS
18th SeptemberClosing Ceremony at JICA
19th SeptemberLeaving Japan

Student List and Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis
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Mr. Md. Aminul ISLAMDesign Circle-2, Bangladesh Water Development Board"Flood Hazard Mapping of Dhaka-Narayanganj-Demra (DND) Project using Geo-informatics Tools"
Mr. Muhammad MASOODDesign-1, Bangladesh Water Development Board "Flood hazard and Risk Assessment in Mid-Eastern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh"
Mr. Khanindra BARMANSivasagar Water Resource Division, Water Resource Dept., Govt. of Assam, India "DEVELOPMENT OF FLOOD FORECASTING MODEL IN BRAHMAPUTRA VALLEY OF INDIA"
Mr. Mitra BARALWater Induced Disaster Prevention Division Office No.3, Water Induced Disaster Prevention Dept., Nepal "Rainfall run off modelling and inundation analysis of Bagmati river at Terai region of Nepal"
Mr. Jose Roy Harder LAGON 6th Regional Office, Dept of Public Works and Highways,
Ms. YE, Li-LiBureau of Hydrology, Ministry of Water Resources, China"Flood Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Mengwa Detention Basin"
Mr. DAI, Ming-LongDivision of Hydrology and Water Resources, Bureau of Hydrology, ChangJiang Water Resources Commission, China"DAM-BREAK FLOOD ANALYSIS IN MID-DOWN STREAM@OF HAN RIVER"
Mr. Ji ZhouRiver Department, Wu Xi Water Conservancy Bureau, China@"A fundamental study on the flows in the open channel network in Wuxi City"
Mr. Ryota OjimaCTI Engineering Co.,Ltd., Japan"Impact Assessment of road construction on the flood inundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh"
Mr. Yasuo KannamiPacific Consultants Co.,Ltd., Japan "Establishment of Country-based Flood Risk Index"
(Mr. Lagon returned to his country due to sickness in October 2007.)


Main Lecturer
Disaster Mitigation PolicyProf. Shigeru Morichi (GRIPS)Prof. Morichi (GRIPS),
Dr. Unjyo (PWRI),
Prof. Ieda (Tokyo Univ.),
Mr. Kume (Institution for Transport Policy Studies)
Disaster Risk ManagementProf. Kenji Okazaki (GRIPS)Prof. Okazaki (GRIPS),
Prof. Shimomura (GRIPS)
Hydrological Observation,
Modeling & Forecasting
Prof. Amithirigala Widhanelage JAYAWARDENA (ICHARM)Dr. JAYAWARDENA (ICHARM),
Mr. Fukami (ICHARM)
HydraulicsProf. Tadaharu Ishikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Prof. Ishikawa (TIT)
Introduction to International CooperationAssociate Prof. Mikio IshiwatariMr. Ishiwatari (JICA),
Ms. Suzuki (JICA),
Mr. Tomioka (IC Net)
IFRM(1) Basic Concepts of IRBM, IFRM & Global TrendsProf. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
Dr. Takeuchi (ICHARM), Mr. Yoshitani (ICHARM), Prof. Nakamura (Hokkaido Univ.), Prof. Nakayama(Tokyo Univ.), Prof. Oki, (Tokyo Univ), Mr. Wakigawa(JICE), Mr. Sawano (MLIT)
IFRM(2) Non-structural Measures & Community DefenseProf. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
Dr. Takeuchi (ICHARM), Mr. Miyake(ICHARM), Dr. Nakao(FRICS), Dr. Yoshii(CERI), Mr. Kamei(Ise City), Prof. Hayashi(Kyoto Univ.),Dr. Kitagawa(FRICS), Dr. Tsubokawa(NIED), Prof. Onda(Tsukuba Univ.)
IFRM(3) IRBM & Structural MeasuresProf. Shoji Fukuoka
(Chuo University)
Prof. Fukuoka (Chuo Univ.), Dr. Hattori(NILIM),
Dr. Watanabe(PWRI), Mr. Imbe(ARSIT)
Hazard Mapping & Evacuation PlanningProf. Shigenobu Tanaka
Mr. Shigenobu Tanaka
(ICHARM) Mr. Tanaka (ICHARM), Dr. Osti(ICHARM), Dr. Hapu(ICHARM), Prof. Umitsu(Nagoya Univ.) , Prof. Ogawa(Fujitokoha Univ.), Prof. Meulen (UNESCO-IHE)
Sustainable Reservoir Development & ManagementProf. Norihisa Matsumoto
Dr. Sakamoto(PWRI), Dr. Hakoishi(PWRI), Dr. Yoshida(PWRI), Mr. Umino(PWRI), Dr. Kawasaki(NILM), Dr. Amano(PWRI), Prof. Sumi(Kyoto Univ.),
Dr. Yamaguchi(PWRI),
Dr. Takasu(Dam Center), Dr. Matsumoto(Dam Center) @
Control Measures for Landslide & Debris FlowProf. Shun Okubo
(Japan Sabo Association)
Prof. Ishikawa(Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology), Dr. Takanashi(Sabo Frontier Foundation), Dr. Osanai(NILIM), Dr. Ikeya(STC), Prof. Yamada(Hokkaido Univ.), Mr. Watanabe(ICHARM), Mr. Yoshimatsu( IST), Mr. Kasai( PWRI), Dr. Tsunaki(STC), Dr. Fujisawa(PWRI), Mr. Ishida(PWRI)
Practice on Hydrological Observation, Modeling & ForecastingProf. Amithirigala Widhanelage
Practice on HydraulicsProf. Tadaharu Ishikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Prof. Ishikawa (TIT), Dr. Osti (ICHARM)
Practice on Integrated Flood Risk ManagementProf. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
Dr. Hattori(NILIM), Dr. Watanabe(PWRI), Mr. Wakigawa(JICE), Mr. Imbe(ARSIT)
Practice on Hazard Mapping & Evacuation PlanningProf. Shigenobu TANAKA
Mr. Tanaka (ICHARM), Dr. Osti(ICHARM), Dr. Hapu(ICHARM), Prof. Ogawa(Fujitokoha Univ.), Mr. Tokioka (ICHARM), Mr. Kuribayashi (ICHARM), Mr. Inomata (ICHARM), Dr. Adikali (ICHARM), Dr. Dinar (ICHARM)
Practice on Sustainable Reservoir Development & ManagementProf. Norihisa Matsumoto
Dr. Iwashita(PWRI), Dr. Sato(PWRI), Dr. Sakurai(PWRI),
Dr. Matsumoto(Japan Dam Engineering Center),Dr. Yamaguchi(PWRI)
Practice on Control Measures for Landslide & Debris FlowProf. Shun Okubo
(Japan Sabo Association)
Mr. Takanashi(Sabo Frontier Foundation), Dr. Ikeya(SABO Technical Center), Mr. Koga(NILIM), Mr. Terada(PWRI)

Activity Report

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