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2008-2009 Activity

Graduation ceremony at GRIPS (16th September 2009)

DurationCourse Schedule


3rd October 2008 - 18th September 2009


Course Schedule

September 28th Arrival in Japan
October 3rd Opening Ceremony at GRIPS and Opening Party in ICHARM
7th Field trip (1) to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
21st Field trip (2) to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
24th Presentation on Inception Report
Novmber Joint classes with the Flood Hazard Mapping training course
11th-14thField trip (3) to Chubu Region & Biwa Lake
13thTown Watching exercise in Ise City
25thField trip (4) to the Ninomiya Sontoku Museum
Junuary 23rd ICHARM R&D Seminar by Prof. Egashira
February 9thICHARM R&D Seminar by Ms.Mandira
March 9th-12thField trip (5) to the Chugoku and Kinki Regions
April 2nd ICHARM R&D Seminar by Prof. Kuroda
3rdCherry blossom viewing and tea ceremony at PWRI
7th ICHARM R&D Seminar by Prof. Tamura
14thICHARM Open Day
May 27th Interim Presentation of Master Thesis
June 3rd-5thField trip (6) to Tohoku Region
August 7thFinal Presentation on Master Thesis
18th-21st Presentation at Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources & Field trip (7) to Hokuriku Region
28thSubmission of Master Thesis
September 11th11th International Summer Symposium
16thGraduation Ceremony at GRIPS
18thClosing Ceremony at JICA
19thDeparture from Japan

Student List and Master's Thesis

*Master's Thesis
(Click to view the synopsis)

Mr. Robin Kumar Biswas Bangladesh Water Development BoardWater Level Prediction by Artificial Neural Networks in the Surma-Kushiyara River System of Bangladesh
Mr. Mohd. Sarfaraz Banda Bangladesh Water Development Board Migration characteristics of meandering channels based on river morphodynamics


Mr. Jin Ke   Taihu Basin Authority of Ministry of Water Resources A methodological study to improve flood management of the Taihu Lake Basin
Mr. Xiao Fei  Songliao Water Resource, Ministry of Water Resource Hydraulic modelling of Nenjiang River floodplain in notrheast China


Mr. Alemu Yonas Tadesse Dire Dawa University Analysis of socio-economic inpacts of flooding in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Mr. Simatupang Maruli Tua Gregorius Directorate River, Lake and Reservoir DG of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works Identification of illegal residence potential effect in floodplain and socio-economy efforts for solution

Mr. Manohar Kumar Sah Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention Inundation analysis and development of rainfall runoff model for Tinau River basin in Nepal

Mr. Banluesak KhorsukThai Meteorological Department, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Forecasting of water level in upper-Nan river basin of Thailand by Artificial Neural Networks (tentative)
(*With the permission from GRIPS)


Main Lecturer
Basic HydrologyProf. Amithirigala Widhanelage JAYAWARDENA (ICHARM) Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM),
Mr. Fukami (ICHARM),
Hydraulics Prof. Tadaharu Ishikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Prof. Ishikawa (TIT)
Introduction to International Cooperation
Mr. Mikio Ishiwatari (JICA) Mr. Ishiwatari (JICA),
Ms. Suzuki (JICA)
Basic Concepts of Integrated Flood Risk management (IFRM)Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (ICHARM)
Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM), Prof. Umitsu (Nagoya University), Prof. Hayashi (Kyoto University), Prof. Meulen (UNESCO-IHE), Dr. Osti (ICHARM)
Local Disaster Management and Hazard MappingProf. Shigenobu Tanaka (ICHARM)Mr. Ishiwatari (JICA),
Ms. Suzuki (JICA),
Mr. Tomioka (IC Net)
Advanced HydrologyProf. Amithirigala Widhanelage JAYAWARDENA
Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
Flood Hydraulics and Sediment TransportProf. Shoji FUKUOKA (Chuo University)
Prof. Fukuoka (Chuo University), Prof. Watanabe (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Sustainable Reservoir Development & ManagementProf. Norihisa Matsumoto (Dam Engineering Center)

Prof. Matsumoto (Dam Engineering Center), Mr. Takasu (Dam Engineering Center), Ass.Prof.Sumi, (Kyoto University), Prof. Kawasaki (NILIM), Dr. Sakamoto (PWRI), Mr. Hakoishi (PWRI),Dr. Amano (PWRI), Dr. Yamaguchi (PWRI)

Control Measures for Landslide & Debris FlowProf. Shun Okubo (Japan Sabo Association)

Prof. Shun Okubo (Japan Sabo Association), Prof. Ishikawa (Tokyo
University of Agriculture & Technology), Dr. Takanashi (Asia Air
Survey CO.,LTD), Dr. Osanai (NILIM), Dr. Ikeya (SABO Technical Center), Ass. Prof. Yamada (Mie University), Mr. Watanabe (Institute for
International Development,
Disaster Prevention and
Peace Inc.), Mr. Yoshimatsu (Institute of Slope Technology), Mr. Kasai (PWRI), Dr. Tsunaki (SABO Technical Center), Dr. Fujisawa (PWRI), Mr. Ishida (PWRI)
Computer ProgrammingProf. Shigenobu Tanaka (ICHARM)
Dr. Hai & Dr. Rajapakse (ICHARM) 
Practice on Hydraulics Prof. Tadaharu Ishikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. Yorozuya (ICHARM)
Practice on Inundation Analysis Prof. Shigenobu Tanaka (ICHARM)
ICHARM staff

Message from students

Time goes so quickly that this one-year master course of Water Related Risk Management will soon end in September.
I can still remember the time when I arrived in Japan, the most developed country in Asia. Upon my arrival, I had a wonderful time and and I wanted  to learn more about the advanced knowledge, and also I could build a better understanding of japanese people, culture and the society.
One year is short and tough for me to learn so much knowledge from those advanced courses and I had to complete the master thesis in less than six months. However, within this year I could concentrated myself totally on the study since I had joined work, and it gave me a valuable experience and unforgettable memory.
Mr. Xiao Fei

I found the curriculum of the training program is well prepared, the contents are well selected and instructors are high standard. Moreover, the theoretical lectures are supported by field excursion which gives us good opportunity to realize how the theoretical knowledge could be implemented in the real environment in the field.
Through the training course, we got confident to involve and contribute to solve water-related problems in our countries.  Studying in ICHARM is also a good opportunity for us to learn how to collaborate and help each other, and the importance of efficient utilization of time.

Mr. Alemu Yonas Tadesse

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