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2010-2011 Activity

Opening ceremony with Ph.D. program at ICHARM (5th October 2010)

Student List


4th October 2010 - 16th September 2011

Course schedule (tentative)

2010 October 4th Entrance Ceremony at GRIPS
5th Entrance Ceremony at ICHARM
7th Presentation on Inception Report
27th Individual discussion with supervisor
November 11th Individual discussion with supervisor,
decision of supervisor
December 22nd 1st Interim Presentaiton,
decision of assistant supervisor
2011 April 5th 2nd Interim Presentation
June 3rd 3rd Interim Presentation
July 1st Deadline of Submission of the 1st draft
15th 4th Interim Presentation
29th Deadline of Submission of the complete draft
August 8th Final Presentation
26th Deadline of Submission of the thesis to GRIPS
September “Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources”
International Summer Symposium, JSCE
Presentation of Action Plan
15th Graduation Ceremony at GRIPS
16th Closing Ceremony at JICA

Student List@

Country Name Affiliation


Pijush Krishna Kundu
Sub-Divisional Engineer/Satkhira Operation and Maintenance Division-2, Bangladesh Water Development Board

Md. Sabibur Rahman
Sub-Divisional Engineer/Kurigram Operation and Maintenance Division, Bangladesh Water Development Board


Xu Guanglei
Assistant Engineer/Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute
Dam safety management department

ZHOU Huaqiang
Assistant Hydraulic Engineer/Jiangsu Water Conservancy Research Institute
(Agriculutural Hydraulic Engineering and Water and Soil Conservation)


Julian Javier Corrales Cobos
Specialized Professional/Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies-IDEAM


Rodrigo Fernandez Reynosa
Investigator Technician/National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction@(CONRED)


Ambar Puspitosari
Staff of Directorate of Planning and Programming/Ministry of Public Works
Directorate General of Water Resources


Kyaw Zayer Tint
Assistant Engineer (Staff Officer)/Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation


Prem Raj Ghimire
Civil Engineer/Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention
People's Embankment Program, Butwal, Ministry of Irrigation

Manish Maharjan
Civil Engineer/Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention
Water Induced Disaster Prevention, Ministry of Irrigation

Rajendra Sharma
Hydrologist/Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention, Ministry of Irrigation


Abdul Aziz
Meteorologist/Pakistan@Meteorological Department, National Weather Forecasting Centre


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(This curriculum is for 2010-2011. It is subject to change.)
Course number Lecture Lecturer
DMP200E Disaster Mitigation Policy Prof. Morichi (GRIPS)
DMP201E Disaster Risk Management Prof. Okazaki (GRIPS)
DMP280E Basic Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM),
Ass. Prof. Fukami (ICHARM),
Dr. Kachi, Dr. Kubota (JAXA)
DMP281E Hydraulics Prof. Ishikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
DMP282E Basic Concepts of Integrated Flood Risk management (IFRM) Prof. Takeuchi (ICHARM),
Prof. Oki (Tokyo University),
DMP283E Local Disaster Management and Hazard Mapping Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM),
Prof. Kudo (ICHARM)
DMP284E Urban Flood Management

Prof. Kudo (ICHARM), Prof. Suetsugi (Yamanashi University), Mr. Imbe (ARSIT), Prof. Hayashi (Kyoto Unversity), Dr. Yoshii (PWRI), Prof. Onda (Tsukuba University)

DMP380E Advanced Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
DMP381E Flood Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Prof. Fukuoka (Chuo University),
Prof. Watanabe (Kitami Institute of Technology)
DMP382E Mechanics of Sediment Transportation and River Changes Prof. Egashira (NEWJEC Inc.)
DMP383E Sustainable Reservoir Development & Management Prof. Matsumoto (Japan Dam Engineering Center), Dr. Sakamoto (Japan Commission on Large Dams), Mr. Umino (GIS), Prof. Kawasaki (Yamaguchi University), Dr. Amano (NILIM), Prof.Sumi, (Kyoto University), Dr. Kashiwai (Japan Dam
Engineering Center), Prof. Yamaguchi (PWRI)
DMP384E Control Measures for Landslide & Debris Flow Prof. Ikeya (SABO Technical
Center), Prof. Sasahara (Kouchi University), Dr. Hara
(PWRI), Dr. Takanashi (Asia Air Survey CO.,LTD), Dr. Osanai (NILIM), Mr. Watanabe (Institute for International Development, Disaster Prevention and Peace Inc.), Dr. Tsunaki (SABO Technical Center), Dr. Fujisawa (PWRI)
DMP180E Computer Programming Ass. Prof. Sayama (ICHARM),
Dr. Hasegawa (ICHARM),
Dr. Ushiyama (ICHARM)
DMP285E Practice on Hydraulics Prof. Ishikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology),
Dr. Yorozuya (ICHARM),
DMP286E Practice on Local Disaster Management Plan Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM)
DMP385E Practice on Advanced Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
DMP386E Practice on Flood Hazard Modeling & Flood Forecasting Ass. Prof. Fukami (ICHARM),
Ass. Prof. Sayama (ICHARM)
DMP387E Practice on Sustainable Reservoir Development & Management Prof. Matsumoto (JDEC),
Prof. Yamaguchi (PWRI)
DMP388E Practice on Control Measures for Landslide & Debris Flow Prof. Ikeya (SABO Technical
Center), Dr. Hara (PWRI)

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