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2011-2012 Activity

Opening ceremony with Ph.D. program at ICHARM
Opening ceremony with Ph.D. program at ICHARM (7th October 2011)
Student List


 3th October 2011 - 14th September 2012


Course schedule (tentative)

2011 October 3th Entrance Guidance & Orientation at GRIPS
7th Ph.D. & M.Sc. Joint Opening Ceremony at ICHARM
12th Joint lectures with students of DMP earthquake/Tsunami Course Site visit of PWRI experimental facilities
18th Presentation on Inception Report
27th Site Visit (1) River in Japan (Ara River)
28th Site Visit (2) Flood Information (MLIT Kanto Regional Office) & Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel
November 1st Lecture & Site visit at JAXA
10th Site Visit (3) Kuki City & Watarase Retarding Basin
12nd Site Visit (4) River improvement in urban area (Tokyo Shirako River)
December 9th Site Visit (5) Integrated flood management (Tsurumi River)
13th ICHARM R&D Seminar by Prof. Koike & Prof. Asaeda
2012 January 10th-12th Exercise on Project Cycle Management (PCM)
16th 1st Interim Presentation
23rd -2nd Lectures at GRIPS
February 3rd – 4th Site Visit (6) Northern Part of Kyusyu Region
14th Hydraulic Experiment
March 9th 2nd Interim Presentation
14th – 16th Site Visit (7) Chugoku & Kinki Region (Hii River, Ota River, Kamenose Landslide, etc.)
April 24th 3rd Interim Presentation
May 18th Lecture & Site visit at Japan Meteorological Agency
19th Site Visit (8) Flood Fighting Drill in Tone River (Kurihashi)
21st Site Visit (9) Dam & Sabo Project (Ikari Dam & Kawaji Dam, Ashio Sabo)
22nd Hydraulic Experiment using ADCP in Tone River
June 1st 4th Interim Presentation
11th ICHARM R&D Seminar by Mr. Eisa Bozorgzadeh and Dr. Saied Yosefi
July 10th 5th Interim Presentation
August 10th Final Presentation at ICHARM
September 6th JSCE Annual Meeting at Nagoya Univ.
7th -8th

Site Visit (10) Shingu City and Ise City

11th ICHARM R&D Seminar by Mr. Imbe (ARSIT)
12th Presentation on Action Plan
13th Closing Ceremony at JICA
14th Graduation Ceremony at GRIPS

Student List 

Country Name Affiliation


Mr. RAHMAN Md. Majadur
Assistant Engineer, Design Circle-4/Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), M/o Water Resources

Mr. ISLAM Md. Sirajul
Sub-Divisional Engineer, Design Circle-5/Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), M/o Water Resources


Ms. ZHANG, Hang-Hui
Senior Engineer of Development Research center/Taihu Basin Authority of ministry of Water Resources

Ms. ZHU, Bing
Assistant Engineer/ Bureau of Hydrology, Ministry of Water Resources of China


Technical Assistant/Hydrology Division, Water Authority of Fiji


Ms. Lina Fitriani
Chief of Water Rescources Implementation / Ciliwung Cisadane Major River Basin Board, DG of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works

Ms. Andi Wildaniah
Staff / Directorate of Planning and Programming, DG of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works


Mr. KARNA Barun Kumars
Civil Engineer/Water Induced Disaster Prevention Office/Janakpur under Ministry of Irrigation

Mr. RAJBANSHI Krishna Prasad
Engineer/People's Embankment Program/Field Office, Chitwan/Department of Water Induced DisaterPrevention under the Ministry of Irrigation


Meteorologist / Flood Forecasting Division, Pakistan Meteorological Department

Mr. USMAN Arslan
Meteorologist / Flood Forecasting Division, Pakistan Meteorologist Department

Mr. Rashid Karim
Assistant Engineer / Irrigation Division Patfeeder, Naseerabad/ Irrigation & Power Department

Mr. Ahmad Ali Gul
Assistant Manager / Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

Mr. ATIF Rana Muhammad
Meterologist / Defence Division, Pakistan Meteorological Department

Mr. Muhammad Aleem Ul Hassan Ramay
Deputy Director / Hydrologist in Charge FFWS / Pakistan Meteorological Department


Mr. DAMO Grecile Christopher Rigodon
Engineer III / Department of Public Works and Highways

Sri Lanka

Mr. AMARASEKARA Jagath Dehsapriya
Irrigation Engineer, Department of Irrigation


Mr. LAZRAK Aymen
Engineer/ General Directorate of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment

Viet Nam

Mr. PHAM Khanh Doan
Official / Disaster Management Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developmnent


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(This curriculum is for 2011-2012. It is subject to change.)
Course number Lecture Lecturer
DMP200E Disaster Mitigation Policy Prof. Morichi (GRIPS)
DMP201E Disaster Risk Management Prof. Okazaki (GRIPS)
DMP280E Basic Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
DMP281E Hydraulics                           Prof. Huang (Sophia Univ)
DMP282E Basic Concepts of Integrated Flood Risk Management(IFRM) Prof. Takeuchi (ICHARM)
DMP287E Urban Flood Management and Flood Hazard Mapping Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM)
DMP380E Advanced Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
DMP381E Flood Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Prof. Fukuoka (Chuo Univ)
DMP382E Mechanics of Sediment Transportation and Channel Changes Prof. Egashira (NEWJIC. Inc)
DMP383E Sustainable Reservoir Development & Management Prof. Matsumoto (JDEC)
DMP384E Control Measures for Landslide & Debris Flow Prof. Ikeya (SABO Technical Center)
DMP180E Computer Programming Ass. Prof. Sayama (ICHARM)
DMP288E Practices in Hydraulics Dr. Yorozuya (ICHARM)
DMP286E Practice on Local Disaster Management Plan                Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM)
DMP385E Practice on Advanced Hydrology Prof. Jayawardena (ICHARM)
DMP386E Practice on Flood Hazard Modeling & Flood Forecasting Ass. Prof. Fukami (ICHARM)
DMP390E Site Visit of Water-related Disaster Management Practice in Japan Prof. Tanaka (ICHARM)

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