Flood Forecasting Using Global Satellite Rainfall Information
Based on

Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS)
ver. 1.2


Usage advisory

Although this executable program is intended for release as free software for the public, the Public Work Research Institute remains the legal copyright holder. The following user conditions adhere once the program has been downloaded.

1. Disclaimer
The user agrees that the Public Work Research Institute bears no responsibility whatsoever for use of the program, for results obtained by the program, or for the use of any related documents, whereas the user shall bear such responsibility either directly or indirectly.

2. Policy Regarding Redistribution
This program is not to be redistributed to any third parties. Redistribution requires the licensed permission of the Public Work Research Institute.

3. Policy Regarding Commercial Use
Neither this product nor altered versions of this program may be sold as a product.

4. Policy Regarding the Publication of Results
Publication of results obtained by this program must be accompanied by notification of publication to the Public Work Research Institute, and an acknowledgement that this product.

5. Policy Regarding Alterations
Any alterations of this program, including reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse assembly, etc. are strictly forbidden.

6. Policy Regarding Reports on this Program
The Public Work Research Institute does not bear an obligation of providing technical reports or any such other reports on this program.

No prior consent is required for any use of the program that is in compliance with the above conditions.

Notification of publication of results, program glitches, or opinions on the program may be sent to the Public Work Research Institute via E-mail (suimon@pwri.go.jp). The Public Work Research Institute does not provide technical support or other support related to the program.

Public Works Research Institute

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