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The mission of ICHARM is to serve as the Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management by, inter alia, observing and analyzing natural and social phenomena, developing methodologies and tools, building capacities, creating knowledge networks, and disseminating lessons and information in order to help governments and all stakeholders manage risks of water related hazards at global, national, and community levels. The hazards to be addressed include floods, droughts, landslides, debris flows, tsunamis, storm surges, water contamination, and snow and ice disasters.
 We envision a Center of Excellence housing a group of leading people, superior facilities, and a knowledge base which enables conducting i) innovative research, ii) effective capacity building, and iii) efficient information networking. Based on these three pillars, ICHARM will globally serve as a knowledge hub for best national/local practices and an advisor in policy making.
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13 October 2017
An English manual for Hydrological Statistics Utility is ready by ICHARM   check


30 August 2017
The Plenary Session for the Platform on Water and Disasters was held after the May flood disaster in Sri Lanka check

Since a severe flood disaster in Sri Lanka in late May this year, ICHARM has been planning to assist the country in flood management by using research outputs which have been achieved to date. As part of this support effort, the “Plenary Session for the Platform on Water and Disasters” was held on the afternoon of August 24 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in which all organizations relevant to flood management in Sri Lanka participated, such as Irrigation Department.

In the session, Sri Lankan institutes presented on the flood disaster in 2017, and ICHARM presented on flood information to be provided for Sri Lanka. After these presentations, Director Koike, who was a co-chair of the session, explained the Platform on Water and Disasters in detail including its future prospect. Discussions followed among all the participants, and the basic consensus was made on the concept of the Platform in Sri Lanka and other issues.

participants of Plenary Session for the Platform on Water and Disasters in Sri Lanka
8 August 2017
IFAS receives the 19th Infrastructure Technology Development Award 2017   check


31 July 2017
ICHARM Newsletter Volume 12 No.2 (Issue No.45) is now available

The latest version of ICHARM newsletter is now available.

- Message from Director
- ICHARM Disaster Relief Activities in Sri Lanka
- PWRI and the University of Tokyo jointly issued the press release
- President of the 38th UNESCO General Conference visited ICHARM
- Workshop on "Platform on Water-related Disaster" in Pakistan
- High Level Consultation Meeting on IFI Coordination held in Myanmar
- Meeting for the Platform on Water-related Disasters in the Philippines
- Introduction of ICHARM research projects
 1, Badri Bhakta Shrestha, Senior researcher,[ Flood Disaster Risk Assessment in Asian Developing Countries under Climate Change Scenarios ]
 2, Duminda PERERA, Research specialist, [ Climate change impact study for the Lower Mekong Basin ]
 3, Daisuke Harada, Research specialist, [ Characteristics of flood flow with riverbed deformation in mountainous valley-bottom streams ]
 4, Mahtab Mohammad Hossain, Doctral student, [ Analysis on the Best Strategy to Attain the Maximum Economic Benefits in Haor Areas in Bangladesh ]
- ICHARM individual research project: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B: 15H05136 oversea, KAKENHI)
 1, Research Specialist Kwak visits CHMI and attends EGU2017
 2, Research Specialist Kwak visits a hydrology institute of India and conducts a field survey in flood-damaged areas
- Field trips by M. Sc. students
- UNESCO Pakistan project: training for Pakistani and Afghan experts
- Lectures at MJIIT, Malaysia
- Training workshops held in Pakistan
- Visited by Vice chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)
- Workshop on "Risk-Based Hydrologic Engineering Standards" in Koblenz, Germany
- APRSAF/SAFE-ESCAP Meeting, Training in Bangkok, Thailand
- CommonMP 10th Anniversary Workshop held in Tokyo
- Side event of the 73rd ESCAP general meeting in Thailand
- Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Cancun, Mexico
- Chief Researcher Tokunaga attends a TC annual meeting in Korea
- A regional workshop in Montevideo, Uruguay
- ICHARM Open Day 2017 held, inviting local school students
- Senior Researcher Yorozuya wins Bureau Director’s Award
- Senior Researcher Kikumori awarded for his contributions to CommonMP
- Personnel change announcement
- Comment from the internship student
- Publication List

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31 July 2017
Message from Director updated.  


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