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The mission of ICHARM is to serve as the Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management by, inter alia, observing and analyzing natural and social phenomena, developing methodologies and tools, building capacities, creating knowledge networks, and disseminating lessons and information in order to help governments and all stakeholders manage risks of water-related hazards at global, national, and community levels.
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31 July 2014
ICHARM Newsletter Volume 9 No.2 (Issue No.33) is now available check

The latest version of ICHARM newsletter is now available.

- New IFAS (ver.2.0) is now available
- Discharge Measurement Workshop in the Uono River
- Release of Flood Inundation Frequency Map in South Sudan based on MODIS Remote Sensing Analysis
- Introduction of Auto IFAS in the Philippines (ADB TA8074-REG)
- Field Study at the Lake Biwa-Yodo River Basin for Master Degree Students
- The Central Asia Climate Knowledge Forum: Moving Towards Regional Climate Resilience
- Directorate General of Water Resources Indonesia visit ICHARM
- 7th Global Earth Observation System of Systems
- 48th ICHARM Research & Development Seminar
- Information-Sharing Meeting with Bangladeshi Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief
- 21st Session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council Held in Paris
- Side Event of The 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (SE3)
- Local Students Visit ICHARM Open Day 2014
- ICHARM Researchers Awarded the Best Paper Award by JSCE
- Lecture in the Science Dialogue Program at Namiki Secondary School
- Message from the Internship Student
- New ICHARM members
- Publication List

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>29 July 2014
Research Specialist Positions Available

ICHARM is now accepting applications for one Research Specialist positions. Applications are due 28 August 2014.
Click here to download the application guidelines.

29 July 2014
Side Event of the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held on 23 June at Bangkok  check

ICHARM and MLIT held a Side Event during the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction on 12:30-14:00, June 23, 2014 at Bangkok.


1 July 2014
Local Practices -Localism-  check

・ADB Project: Technical Assistance No. 7276, Supporting Investments for Water-Related Disaster Management
・UNESCO-Pakistan Project
・2011Thai Flood Simulation


16 June 2014
New IFAS (ver.2.0) is now available  check

The major features of IFAS ver. 2.0
・Improved operability
・Additional geospatial data import function


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