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The mission of ICHARM is to serve as the Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management by, inter alia, observing and analyzing natural and social phenomena, developing methodologies and tools, building capacities, creating knowledge networks, and disseminating lessons and information in order to help governments and all stakeholders manage risks of water related hazards at global, national, and community levels. The hazards to be addressed include floods, droughts, landslides, debris flows, tsunamis, storm surges, water contamination, and snow and ice disasters.
 We envision a Center of Excellence housing a group of leading people, superior facilities, and a knowledge base which enables conducting i) innovative research, ii) effective capacity building, and iii) efficient information networking. Based on these three pillars, ICHARM will globally serve as a knowledge hub for best national/local practices and an advisor in policy making.
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28 April 2017
ICHARM Newsletter Volume 12 No.1 (Issue No.44) is now available check

The latest version of ICHARM newsletter is now available.

- Message from Director
- Prof. Takeuchi's farewell greeding
- Commemorative lectures of PWRI president and ICHARM advisor
- Prof. Takeuchi’s last lecture and ICHARM 10th anniversary publication ceremony
- Implementation Planning Workshop on International Flood Initiative (IFI) in Asia-Pacific
- The 20th Governing Council Meeting of APWF at Singapore
- HELP Davao Network at Philippines
- IFI Coordinating Meeting in the Philippines
- Results of the SOUSEI program shared with participating countries
 1, Annual conference on the SOUSEI program
 2, Meeting with RID, Thailand
 3, Meeting with PMD, Pakistan
 4, Meeting with National Committee for Disaster Management,Cambodia
 5, Organized a workshop entitled “Climate Change Impact Assessment in the Solo River Basin” in Indonesia
- Questionnaire survey in Shiga Prefecture, Japan
- Report on reconstruction in Tohoku after the Great East Japan Earthquake
- Introduction of ICHARM researches
 1, New approach for district-based flood risk assessment using RRI - flood diagnostic chart and flood hot spot -
 2, Development of next generation flood forecasting system utilizing regional ensemble prediction system
 3, Measuring river water tritium to estimate subsurface water transit times and volumes
 4, Water Energy Budget Based Distributed Hydrological Modelling in Oi River basin with Sensitivity Analysis for Improved Calibration
- Follow-up seminar in Manila, the Philippines
- Field trips by M. Sc. students
- The 6th Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Asia workshop on Satellite Precipitation Data Utilization
- International Symposium on the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate in New Zealand
- The 49th Annual Session of Typhoon Committee in Yokohama
- Report on reconstruction in Tohoku after the Great East Japan Earthquake
- 4th Joint Project Team Meeting for Sentinel Asia STEP3 (JPTM2017)
- Visit by researchers from the DOST-SEI ASTHRDP in the Philippines
- ICHARM 10th anniversary publication
- Annual Hanami lunch
- Personnel change announcement
- Comment from the internship student
- Publication List

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28 April 2017
Message from Director updated.   check


28 March 2017
ICHARM published "ICHARM 10th Anniversary" check
(Remark by ICHARM Director Koike)

ICHARM marked its 10th anniversary in March 2016, and we know that we could not have come this far without your guidance and encouragement. We have produced this commemorative volume to celebrate and reflect on the last decade of ICHARM, as well as to show the way for the institute to move forward.
You can download from here.

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